Graduate School Grade Appeals Process

A student has one (1) month from the date of receiving a course grade to make an appeal. The student must realize that following a review, the grade could be amended in either direction. Course grade appeals are first made to the course director. If the discrepancy remains, the student can then submit a written appeal to the Senior Associate Dean of Student Affairs in the Graduate School. The appeal should include a detailed description of the basis for an appeal and any available supporting materials. The Senior Associate Dean will empanel an ad hoc review committee of up to 3 people that will review the student’s appeal together with documentation from the course justifying the assigned grade. A final decision from the committee will be communicated to the course director, student, and, if needed, the registrar. Every effort will be made to complete the appeal by the end of the next semester.

If the student wishes to appeal a decision made by the ad hoc committee, he/she/they must submit a letter of appeal to the Dean of the Graduate School within 15 days of receiving the ad hoc committee’s decision. The Graduate School Dean’s decision is final.

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