Pre-Enrollment Policies

Medical Insurance Policy

All graduate students are required to have medical insurance coverage throughout the duration of their enrollment at ISMMS. Students may enroll in the School’s student health insurance plan or provide proof of comparable coverage from another U.S.-based insurance carrier. Students also have the ability to purchase optional student dental and/or vision plans. For continuing students, the Benefits Open Enrollment Period occurs each June. At that time, students have the option the change their student insurance selections for the upcoming academic year. Outside of the Open Enrollment Period, changes in enrollment require the submission of a Qualifying Life Event request to the MSHS Benefits Office. Examples of some approved Qualifying Life Events are the birth of a child, marriage, loss of employment, or loss of parental insurance coverage. Students are required to submit Qualify Life Event request within 30 days of the event. Information is provided in the Student Resources area of Blackboard in the Student Financial Services section. Student insurance plans are terminated upon graduation or separation from ISMMS. Students must be actively enrolled to be eligible for student insurance coverage. For continuing students, the coverage period is July 1st-June 30th.

Immunization Policy

Immunization Policy Immunizations are required for TDaP (if not administered within the past 10 years), Polio (if initial series and booster have not been given), SARS-Cov-2, and an annual influenza vaccine. Proof of immunity must be provided for Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella, and Hepatitis B. If students do not have proof of immunity to any of the above, they will be required to obtain booster vaccinations as indicated and follow-up titers to verify protection. Annual influenza vaccination is required for all Mount Sinai students and employees, as mandated by the Health System and New York State. Every student must obtain an annual flu vaccine during flu season. Upon enrollment, all ISMMS students must have an annual screening for tuberculosis (PPD skin test or IGRA). Annual TB testing is required of all students and employees at Mount Sinai. Students are responsible for meeting annual tuberculosis screening compliance requirements. Students who are recent converters will be managed appropriately with chest x-rays to rule out the presence of active disease and prophylaxis with medications. Failure to follow appropriate treatment may result in dismissal from the institution. Non-compliance with the above regulations is forwarded to the Registrar for “student health hold” and Program Directors (Graduate School) or the Administrative Director of Student Affairs (Medical School) are notified. Students in the online HCDL MS program are exempt from this requirement.

Dental and Vision Care

Students have the option to elect dental and/or vision coverage at their expense. Policy information is available in the Office of Enrollment Services. The same annual enrollment dates for Medical Coverage enrollment also pertain to Dental and Vision coverage. In addition, ISMMS has a dental clinic that is available to provide emergency and routine services for medical and graduate students at a reduced fee. These services include oral examinations with x-rays and dental cleanings. More extensive services such as root canal therapy, prosthetic and cosmetic dentistry are available for a fixed fee. Students should bring their student ID to identify themselves as a medical or graduate student. It is most effective to visit the clinic in person to arrange a time slot. The dental clinic is located on the second floor of the Annenberg building and can be reached at (212) 241- 7121.

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