The School and the Department of Psychiatry have collaboratively established several confidential pathways of access to mental health care and enriched available resources beyond those afforded by the basic mental health insurance plan. The intent of this service is to provide direct access to specialized consultation with an absolute minimum of administrative complexity. When ongoing treatment is desired and indicated, informed referrals into affordable care are provided.

  • Self-Referral – Students may freely seek and establish mental health services independent of the Student and Trainee Mental Health Service, or any other campus framework, by any means of their choosing, and fully utilize their mental health insurance benefit. In this pathway of access, if insurance is utilized by the student, pre-approval of insurance must be obtained. Students selecting this pathway for their care should be mindful of several considerations including the distinction between “in-network” and “out-of-network” terms for insurance reimbursement (please refer to the terms and conditions of the student health policy for details).

  • Student Health Referral – Students may obtain a direct referral to a Mount Sinai clinician via Student Health Service at (212) 241- 6023. Referrals are made by Student Health to the “out-of-network” voluntary and full-time faculty on the roster described above. Referral requests remain strictly between Student Health, the student, and the clinician. No records of any kind are made available or are accessible to the Dean's Office or medical school administration.

    • Referrals conducted by Student Health are made in a general manner, without triage or consultation such as is provided by the Student Mental Health Service. Student Health will not conduct a formal clinical psychiatric assessment or inquiry to inform this referral.

    • After a name has been provided to the student, the next step is to obtain pre-approval of insurance to proceed into care with this “out-of-network” referral. “Good-faith” responsibilities for students will apply with regard to financial arrangements.

    • If the student feels that the initial referral is unsuitable, he/she/they may request a second referral from Student Health. At any time, the student may request a consultation with the Director of the Student and Trainee Mental Health Program as described in (1) above to more specifically inform the referral. Such consultation is required to obtain additional referrals if the student is dissatisfied with a second referral as conducted by Student Health.

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