Program Requirements

The Master’s Degree in Health Care Delivery Leadership provides the opportunity for you to further develop and refine the following professional attributes that are critical to success in the health care delivery industry:

  • Lead in evaluating models and crafting strategies that guide health care organizations toward successful adoption of, and adaptation to, changes in policy and management.

  • Be critical consumers of the major literature about health care delivery and reform, with the ability to judge the quality of prominent proposals for innovation in health care systems, and a capacity to discern challenges in the translation of theories into practice.

  • Know how to locate, interpret, and apply reliable evidence from multiple sources, both qualitative and quantitative, to organizational problem solving.

  • Analyze the political, financial, competitive, and global aspects of health care organizations and assess the influence of external developments on the organizations in which they have, or aspire to have, leadership roles.

  • Bridge, both conceptually and institutionally, the worlds of clinical-care medicine and population-based health improvements.

Our program allows you to learn about leadership development, improve your technical knowledge, and participate in a unique, online learning experience

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