Program Competencies

Domain A: Personal Leadership Development

The program will enable you to:

  • Learn to build and manage team decision making

  • Update and improve project leadership skills

  • Lead change management processes

  • Manage conflict

  • Develop cultural competence to serve heterogeneous populations

  • Recognize and analyze the ethical dimensions that arise in the course of health care delivery

Domain B: Technical and Substantive Knowledge

The program will provide opportunities for you to learn how to:

  • Use financial information in strategic decision making

  • Navigate medical reimbursement and payment systems

  • Use economic analyses to understand major market influences and to find organizational cost effectiveness and efficiencies

  • Identify successful models of cost containment that enhance quality service delivery

  • Apply operations management tools/practices toward performance improvement and optimization

  • Apply basic tenets of human resource management to health care delivery problems

  • Appraise the use of evidence-based and leveraged translational science for decision making in health care delivery

  • Articulate the role of information systems and technologies in improving patient-centered health care delivery

  • Understand the content and likely implications of the Affordable Care Act and the nature of the regulatory system

  • Identify potential methods for managing patient growth under ACA

  • Analyze social and behavioral determinants of health

  • Craft potential solutions to the major challenges of public health interventions

  • Apply principles of safety and risk management towards improving health care delivery effectiveness

  • Understand the strengths and limitations of innovations in clinical microsystems

Domain C: Conceptual Reasoning

You will further develop your ability to:

  • Understand rationales, theories and political models of health care policy making

  • Learn strategy creation and implementation methods

  • Learn and apply processes for creating and employing innovation

  • Improve problem-solving skills

  • Enhance knowledge of strategic communication strategies and principles

  • Learn legal perspectives and context about health care delivery issues

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