Master's to PhD

Master in Biomedical Sciences students may seek entry into the PhD in Biomedical Sciences program or the PhD in Neuroscience program.

Master’s students seeking entry into one of the PhD programs must complete all the requirements for admission, including a new application and personal statement that explains the reason for undertaking pursuit of the PhD degree. Students should refer to the PhD Program website for application the deadline. Official transcripts and test scores previously submitted to the Graduate School may be used in support of the new application, but must be supplemented by official transcripts for any academic course work taken since entering the Graduate School. Two new letters of recommendation must be submitted. Students who wish to continue their research in the same laboratory as their Master’s research, must include a letter of recommendation from their thesis advisor stating that s/he/they is willing to have the student join his/her/their lab for PhD dissertation research. However, students must rotate in at least one other laboratory before starting their dissertation research in their MS thesis advisor’s laboratory. MSBS students transferring to the PhD or MD/PhD program will be required to retake the RCR course.

Most or all of the credits earned in pursuit of the M.S. degree can also be applied towards PhD degree requirements, so students who begin their studies in a Master's program can later complete a PhD program with minimal loss of time.

If the student wishes to complete and receive the Master’s degree before starting the PhD program, this request must be made in writing at the time of the application to enter the PhD degree program. This request will be granted only if the student has substantially completed the requirements for the Master’s degree and plans to deposit his/her/their Master’s thesis by April 15. In practical terms, this means that the student should need only to complete fewer than six additional credits, including the Master’s Thesis, during the spring semester before entry into the PhD program.

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