Use of Hardware and Software

All students, faculty, and employees should use only the provided hardware, software, or services which they are authorized to use.

All hardware devices using school or hospital email, file, or collaboration services, including personal laptops, must be encrypted, while ActiveSync must be installed and enabled for personal smartphones. Thumb drives or any storage devices that contain protected health information (PHI) or other confidential information must also be encrypted. For more information or support, please contact the Academic IT Support Center (, email:

Individuals may not extend their use of the resources described for any purpose beyond their intended use or beyond those activities sanctioned in school policy statements.

In particular, no one may use hardware and software:

  • To acquire personal profit or gain

  • To harass, threaten, or otherwise invade the privacy of others

  • To initiate or forward email chain letters

  • To cause breaches or disruptions of computer, network, or telecommunications systems

  • To initiate activities which unduly consume computing or network resources

  • To transmit sensitive or proprietary information to unauthorized persons or parties

It is a specific violation of these guidelines to provide account passwords to individuals who are not the owners of the accounts or to obtain passwords to or use others’ accounts.

It is against this policy to copy or reproduce any licensed software or media, except as expressly permitted by the license. Unauthorized use or distribution of software, media, or digital content is a violation of this policy.

Individuals who violate the aims of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action or to referral to law enforcement authorities without prior notification of those who have sent or received such messages. ISMMS IT personnel are authorized to monitor suspected violations and to examine items stored on any school storage medium by individuals suspected of violating this policy.

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