Reporting and Consulting Mechanisms

Reporting and Consulting Mechanisms

Students can learn about the process of reporting mistreatment on the Mistreatment and Unprofessional Behaviors Directed at Students and Trainees website.

Students can report mistreatment through the ISMMS Experience Report.

Students and trainees may seek advice and guidance about how to handle mistreatment and unprofessional behaviors directed at them and are encouraged to formally report these incidents. There are several ways for learners to share their concerns, including through real-time reporting mechanisms and mechanisms for periodic review (course evaluations or periodic surveys). All reports, whether made in real-time or during periodic review, must be submitted via the Feedback Form or as specified on this page. Reports will be reviewed by the respective office that oversees the learner/trainee. The person submitting a real-time report can also designate whether he or she wants to have the concern addressed immediately or to delay the review until a period of time has passed. Anonymous reports of mistreatment and unprofessional conduct may be submitted; however, Mount Sinai’s ability to investigate an anonymous report may be limited. Reports of alleged mistreatment and unprofessional behavior directed at students and trainees will be reviewed and handled in a timely manner. Seeking advice or guidance is not considered filing a report. Reports may only be made through the Feedback Form referenced above or the avenues specified on this page.

Protection for Retaliation

Retaliation against or intimidation of any individual who seeks advice, raises a concern, or reports unprofessional misconduct or mistreatment in good faith will not be tolerated. Anyone who deliberately makes a false accusation with the purpose of harming or retaliating against another member of the ISMMS community will be investigated and appropriately addressed.

Contact Information

Compliance Hotline: 800-853-9212

GME Office: 212-241-6694

Office of Human Resources: 212-241-4097

Ombuds Office: 212-659-8848

Title IX Coordinator:

Office: 212-241-0089

Cell: 646-245-5934


The Ombuds Office is not a mechanism for reporting mistreatment and unprofessional behavior. Ombudspersons are available to provide neutral, confidential, and informal assistance with conflict resolution. The Ombuds Office follows best standards of practice that are necessary to promote fair and equitable outcomes.

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