Dissertation Research Mentors (PhDCR)

Students in the PhDCR program are expected to select a dissertation research mentor(s), with the help of their Faculty Advisor and members of the PhD Oversight Committee by the middle of year two. An effective mentor-mentee relationship is crucial as doctoral students begin their scientific careers. The dissertation research mentor(s) is expected to guide the student’s research progress, provide professional and personal development opportunities and uphold high academic and research standards. Dissertation research mentors must commit to the following when agreeing to mentor a student in the PhDCR program:

  • Meet with the student on a regular basis

  • Review the student’s progress at regular intervals and provide timely feedback and goal setting advice

  • Work with the student to help plan and guide the research project, set reasonable and attainable goals, and establish a timeline for completion of the dissertation research

  • Help the student select a Multidisciplinary Advisory Committee and ensure that the student meets with the MAC annually

  • Assure that the candidate completes an annual progress report, approved by their respective Mentor(s) and MAC, to be submit to the PhDCR program

  • Encourage the doctoral student to attend and present their research at scientific/professional meetings

  • Create an environment in which the student can discuss and explore career opportunities and paths that match their skills, values, and interests; and

  • Support the student’s career path choices

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