All PhD students must complete the Thesis Proposal by the end of their fourth semester in the Program. MD/PhD students must present the Thesis Proposal by the end of the first year in the PhD-phase in Program. If a student fails to meet this deadline, he/she/they will automatically be placed on Academic Probation. If Academic Probation is not removed by the end of the next semester, the student will be dismissed from the program. Under extenuating circumstances, students may request an extension of this deadline by submitting the appropriate form to the Dean of the Graduate School prior to the deadline for successful completion of the Thesis Proposal.

The student whose Thesis Proposal is deemed unsatisfactory will usually be given one opportunity to address the particular area(s) of weakness. The conditions and timing for a re-presentation must be established at the time of the initial presentation. However, it must occur within 4 months of the initial presentation. The information concerning a re-presentation should be communicated to the student and the Graduate School Office, in writing, within two days of the initial presentation. If the student (with support of the mentor) wishes to change the membership of the Re-Examination Committee from that of the Examination Committee, she/he/they should discuss this with the MTA co-directors and/or the Dean of the Graduate School, prior to registration for the Re-Examination. In rare instances, the Committee may refuse the student the opportunity to redress the Proposal where students who have failed to show sufficient research progress and ability.

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