Guidelines for Registration and Cross-Registration

Courses offered in all programs for each academic term are available on the Graduate School web page. It is important that students consult their Program Advisors and MTA Directors to plan their programs.

All incoming students will receive instruction regarding advisement and the registration process once they accept our offer of admission.

Continuing students can access the Empower student information system for course availability. Students must meet with their advisors with respect to courses covering their specific training needs and timely completion of requirements. All students must be continuously registered each term in order to maintain their matriculation status and eligibility for student and/or financial support.

In some instances, a student may wish to take a course that is not available at ISMMS. Students must receive permission from their dissertation advisor and their MTA Director. Payment of tuition for such courses will be the responsibility of the student or their dissertation advisor. Courses taken at another institution will appear as transfer credits as long as the student provides the Registrar’s Office with an official transcript and submits a Transfer of Credit form.

Students are required to complete on-line course evaluations for each course taken. These evaluations provide valuable feedback to the Course Directors and the Curriculum Committee and are used to improve course offerings. Evaluations must be completed within 4 weeks of the end of a course.

All registration must be completed in a timely manner, on or before the registration deadline for that term. All programs require continual enrollment until the degree is earned. Students not planning to take courses for a subsequent term, due to personal or professional reasons, must register for Maintenance of Matriculation or formally request a leave of absence. Failure to do so jeopardizes a student’s ability to return to the program at a later date. Unregistered students are not eligible to received student services or benefits.

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