Visiting Scholars

Students who are pursuing a graduate degree at another institution and have been invited by an ISMMS department or laboratory/center to do research in their field of study may apply for Visiting Scholar status through the host department/lab. International Visiting Scholars must contact the Office for International Personnel to discuss visa and reporting requirements. Visiting Scholars are not hosted by the Graduate School.

Visiting Scholars are expected to follow the same guidelines required for all incoming Mount Sinai employees. Visiting Scholars must (i) complete a physical examination; (ii) take the toxicology- screening test; and (iii) complete HIPAA and safety trainings. All Visiting Scholars will be subject to a criminal background check. Detailed information is available through the host department/lab.

Course Registration: Should a Visiting Scholar wish to take a credit bearing course, he/she/they must fill out a Non-Matriculating Student Application, available online by navigating to and selecting the “Apply Online” tab.

Health Insurance: Visiting Scholars are not eligible for student health insurance through ISMMS and therefore must provide proof of basic health insurance coverage. International students must have insurance that meets all the requirements specified by the federal regulations for J-1 students.

Financial aid: Visiting Scholars are not eligible for financial aid services from ISMMS.

Employment: Visiting Scholars may receive compensation for work done for the host research group. In compliance with federal regulations, international visiting students are not allowed to have any other employment, either on-campus or off campus. Students on a visa must discuss employment regulations with the Office of International Personnel.

Housing: ISMMS does not guarantee housing for Visiting Scholars and their requests are determined based on availability.

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