In addition to the General Public Health Track, which gives students a solid foundation in the five core areas of public health (biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, health policy & management, and socio-behavioral health) the Graduate Program in Public Health provides students with an opportunity to specialize in a specific public health concentration. Students are required to take the courses listed for the Specialty Track they choose to pursue. The credits accrued from required courses vary for each Specialty Track. In total, students must complete 45 credits to be eligible to earn the Master of Public Health.

The Specialty Tracks are:

  • General Public Health

  • Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

  • Environmental Health Sciences

  • Global Health

  • Outcomes Research

  • Biostatistics

  • Health Care Management

  • Epidemiology

MPH Requirements for all Specialty Tracks

*Students in the Global Health Track must take MPH 0700 Introduction to Global Health

**This course is required for most Tracks

***Tracks have specific seminar courses that vary between 1-2 credits

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