Standards for Maintaining Satisfactory Progress

Please refer to the PhD Chapter for standards for maintaining satisfactory progress. Please refer the Department of Medical Education’s policy on satisfactory academic progress.

To maintain satisfactory progress, MD/PhD students must comply with those requirements detailed for the PhD Program and:

  • Complete USMLE Step I by the end of the second MD year and USMLE Step II at the end of the third MD year (or make specific, approved plans for different timing)

  • Successfully reach and pass each of the MD/PhD Program Milestones by the required deadlines (see details in section on Program Milestones), and submit registration and documentation memos on time

  • Complete the Thesis Proposal Exam by the end of the 6th semester in the program

  • Enroll and actively participate in the formal Clinical Refresher course during the spring of the final year of the PhD phase

  • Complete all requirements for both the MD and PhD degrees within the Program time limits, including no more than five years between the Thesis Proposal and the Defense

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