Supplemental Work-in-Another-Department (WIOD)

PhD and MD/PhD in Biomedical Sciences or Neuroscience

PhD and MD/PhD in Biomedical Sciences or Neuroscience: It is Graduate School policy that all students be supported for the activities involved in their training program and that their program activities represent a full-time commitment. Students with a unique need for securing additional funds should contact the Office of Financial Services for guidance. The Graduate School will try to help find activities that do not conflict with the student's program and also complement the student's educational advancement. If a research mentor helps a student with a unique need to secure additional funds, it is required that the student be assigned specific documentable activities distinct from those involved in the correlated training program.

Any request to pay a student additional funds, or any payment arrangement not otherwise covered in this Handbook, must be approved in advance by the Dean of the Graduate School; such approval should be requested by the faculty member or departmental administrator, by sending an email outlining the proposed arrangement to Additional detail may be requested of the research mentor or department by the Graduate School. Failure to obtain prior approval will jeopardize the student’s total funding package.

PhD in Clinical Research, all Master’s Degree students, and students in non-degree programs

Students, faculty members, or departmental staff may contact the Graduate School administrative office at with questions about options for special payments to such students, prior to entering into any such arrangement.

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