Lab Rotations

Laboratory rotations are an important part of the first year of the Graduate Program. They give students the opportunity to experience different research projects, different laboratory and mentoring styles, and allow the faculty to assess the interests and aptitude of the students. All PhD and MD/PhD students must complete rotation(s) in laboratories before declaring a dissertation advisor and a Multidisciplinary Training Area. While it is acceptable to join a lab after 1 successful rotation, students are encouraged to find two matches before terminating their rotations and joining a lab. If an incoming students worked as a research technician in an ISMMS laboratory prior to becoming a graduate student, he/she/they may choose their former employer as their dissertation advisor, but only after rotating in at least one other laboratory. The rotation facilitates the choice of dissertation advisor and also offers students exposure to problems and techniques of interest to them.

THE GOAL OF THE ROTATION IS TO FIND A LAB. This should be an environment that provides a training experience in which students can thrive and reach their full potential.

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