Curriculum Requirements

First Year

  • Core Curriculum – Students must select one of the 2 year long core courses below:

    • BSR1012 & BSR1013 Biomedical Sciences – 6 credits

    • BSR1705, BSR1706 & BSR1707 Neuroscience Core 1, 2 & 3 – 9 credits

  • MPH0300 Biostatistics for the Biomedical Research 3 credits

  • BSR1021 Responsible Conduct of Research 0.5 credit

  • BSR1022 Rigor and Reproducibility 0.5 credit

  • BSR8002 & BSR8003 Independent Research MS Biomedical Science – Students receive 8 credits for the research performed during their first year of study (4 credits for each semester).

  • Electives – Students complete their credit requirements with electives. See curriculum section for more details.

Second Year

  • Electives – See above.

  • BSR8900 Thesis MS Biomedical Science credit – Three credits will be given for the MS Thesis in Biomedical Sciences in the final semester of the program. Thesis credits are assigned automatically when a student deposits his/her/their thesis.

  • BSR8004 & BSR8005 Independent Research MS Biomedical Science – Each student will receive 8 credits for research conducted during the second year.

  • Three/Four Semesters – While the MSBS Program is designed to be completed in 3 semesters, many students choose to spread their research and/or courses over 4 semesters. There are many advantages to utilizing the full 4 semesters to complete the degree and, as an added bonus, there are no additional tuition costs or student fees for this extra time. During the fourth semester, students will register for the course(s) they need and for research credits.

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