Leave of Absence (Voluntary)

A student who wishes to interrupt his/her/their graduate studies for not more than one academic year due to serious illness or compelling personal reasons or military service, may request a leave of absence. If the leave is approved, the student will be eligible to return to ISMMS at the end of the approved leave. Such approval can only be obtained if the student maintains satisfactory progress (as defined above) and has the approval of the Program Director. PhD and MD/PhD students must also inform their Thesis Advisor, Advisory Committee, and the MTA Director. Master’s degree students who are performing thesis or capstone work, must also inform their thesis/capstone advisor.

Students who fail to follow any condition of the leave of absence, will be administratively withdrawn from the Program. If the student wishes to return at a later date, s/he must apply for readmission.

Students on a leave of absence are not eligible for any benefits associated with maintenance of student status, including the direct compensation, tuition remission, student health insurance coverage and travel award for the duration of the leave. Students on a medical leave of absence may request continuation of housing privileges and/or student health insurance coverage. Students on a personal leave of absence may request student-housing privilege based on availability and continuation of student health insurance coverage at the student’s expense.

Taking a leave of absence (medical, personal, administrative) may have implications for student loan grace period, deferment, repayment status or financial aid eligibility. Before applying for a leave of absence, students must investigate these implications as they may pertain to their situations and should meet with a member of the Office of Student Financial Services.

Students must submit a Leave of Absence Request Form with a letter stating the reasons for the leave. If the request is for medical reasons, a doctor’s letter must accompany the form. International students may only request a leave of absence for medical reasons because of visa requirements and should consult with Mount Sinai’s International Office personnel to discuss their immigration status while on leave. Students must submit the Return from Leave Request Form in advance of their expected return date. Student are eligible to return within the first two weeks of an academic term.

If the School approves a leave of absence, the student will be notified in writing of the approval, including conditions of the leave and the expected date for the student to return to the program.

If a student misses one semester without prior authorization, his/her/their academic record will be closed and in order to continue in the program, he/she/they will need to apply for readmission. N.B.: The period of an authorized leave is not included in the Program time limit. Requests for an extension of a leave of absence must follow the same procedure as indicated above.

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