Student Checkout Requirements

In order to graduate, the following materials must submitted in addition to the thesis:

  • Master’s thesis evaluation report: The thesis research mentor must complete and sign this form, and the student should then upload to Blackboard.

  • PDF of approval pages: Create a title page, copyright page and approval page, according to the templates provided in the Depositing your Master’s Thesis Guide. Obtain your thesis research mentor’s signature on the approval page. Upload all three pages (including the signed approval page) as a single document to Blackboard. The Program Manager will obtain the Program Director’s signature for your approval form, and email to you the signed pages.

  • Final formatted version of thesis: Add the title, copyright and signed approval pages to your thesis, which should be formatted according to the Depositing your Master’s Thesis Guide. Upload this final document to both ProQuest and Blackboard.

  • Student check-out form: Complete the online Student Checkout form. Once submitted, the bursar, library, registrar and CLR program will provide electronic signatures clearing you for graduation.

  • Graduating student exit survey: Upon completion of the Student Checkout form, you will receive a graduating student exit survey via email, which you are required to complete.

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