Thesis proposal

Please refer to the PhD Chapter and the Thesis Proposal webpage for information on the thesis advisory committee, thesis proposal, written document, oral presentation, thesis proposal committee, deadline, and advancement to candidacy.

Dissertation Defense

MD/PhD students are strongly encouraged to schedule their defense by April 1, but no later than May 1 to allow for a smooth transition back to medical school. Please refer to the PhD Chapter for information on the dissertation, published manuscript, dissertation committee, defense, and seminar.

Dissertation Deposit

MD/PhD students should read the full Doctoral Dissertation Deposit Instructions, which can be found on the Graduate School Forms website. In short, MD/PhD students should do the following:

  1. In one email, submit a signed voting form to the Registrar team, Kristy DiPalma, and Hoiyan “Shirley” Chan, and the MD/PhD Program Manager (,,

  2. Follow the remaining instructions on the Dissertation Defense Checklist and follow the instructions for depositing the dissertation, with the exception of the checkout form, which is completed at the end of the program. These documents can also be found here -

  3. Contact the MD/PhD Program Manager for the signature of the Graduate School Dean, which is needed on the approval page in your dissertation.

  4. Deposit your dissertation using ProQuest.

  5. For degree conferral and to receive the degree at graduation, deposit the thesis no later than April 15 for the May conferral date (This date is relevant only if the student wishes to receive the PhD degree that year, instead of at the completion of the entire MD/PhD program. The vast majority of MD/PhD students wait to receive both degrees at the end of the program). Regardless of when the student plans to participate in graduation, please send the Registrar/Kristy DiPalma the following:

    • CV

    • Complete this form and send the certificate to Kristy/Registrar

    • Email Kristy/Registrar once the thesis has been deposited and accepted by ProQuest, so she may confer the PhD degree

  6. The dissertation must be both defended and deposited by June 15 in order to return to MD Year 3. The student must also deposit by June 15 (the summer prior to MSPE release) in order for MSPE to indicate one's name as “Dr.”

  7. If after degree conferral the student would like to add PhD to one's Mount Sinai ID, please email the Program Manager with this request.

If an MD/PhD student fails to deposit their dissertation by the end of their seventh year in the program (fifth year in the PhD-phase), their dissertation advisor must petition the Dean of the Graduate School in writing for permission to extend their student status. The petition must include a timetable for completing the dissertation and must also be signed by the student.

Please refer to the PhD Chapter for information on degree award date and revision timeline.

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