General Public Health Track

Specialization is not required and students are free to pursue a general program of study consisting of an amalgamation of courses across all specialty tracks. General Track students, however, must still complete a set of required courses from each of the five areas of basic public health knowledge: biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health sciences, health services administration, and social/behavioral sciences.

  1. Assess the health status of populations, to identify determinants of health or illness, or to ascertain factors influencing the use of health services.

  2. Develop disease control or prevention programs in conjunction with the community.

  3. Specify approaches for assessing, preventing, or controlling environmental and occupational hazards that pose risks to human health and safety.

  4. Design, implement or evaluate public health programs and policies within a socio-ecological framework.

  5. Assess how population health is influenced by the role by human right concerns and ethical dilemmas.

General Public Health Track Requirements and Electives

Course Number and Title Credits

MPH0014 Program Planning


MPH0015 History of Public Health in America


MPH0525 Communitology


MPH0713 Human Rights: Ethical Dilemmas in Health Care


MPH0007 Social Justice in Public Health & Medicine*


MPH0018 Current Topics in Public Health*


MPH0016 LGB/TGD/Q+ Health: Research, Policies and Best Practices*


MPH0012 Public Health Lab


Students may choose other additional electives from across Tracks


*Elective Options

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