Membership of CAR

Full Committee: The Committee for Academic Review will consist of a chairperson appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School, one of the Co-Directors (or their designee) of each MTA, one faculty representative from each training program (PhD in Clinical Research, MSBDS, MSBS, MS in Biostatistics, MS in Epidemiology, MPH, MSGC, MSCR, MHA, and MSHCDL).

Subcommittees of CAR: Since the educational process is considerably different for PhD students and master’s degree students, CAR is divided into two subcommittees, the PhD Subcommittee and the Master’s Subcommittee. These subcommittees hear cases that pertain to their respective students. In the event that a matter involves both MS and PhD students, the Chair of CAR has the authority to decide what group should preside over the investigation. For example, the Chair may decide to form an ad hoc committee consisting of members from each subcommittee.

Investigating subcommittees: If a matter under review by CAR requires an extensive investigation, the chair of CAR and the Senior Associate review could choose to empanel an Investigating Committee that will perform a full investigation, including collecting and assessing documentation and interviewing people with pertinent information. This could also include recommending a plan of action. The Investigating Committee will provide a written report of its investigation, findings, and recommendations to the subcommittee for review and decisions. The subcommittee should consist of at least three people. The subcommittee can also include ad hoc members if deemed necessary by the CAR chair and Senior Associate Dean. Ad hoc members could include members of the student’s training area or thesis advisory committee.

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