Tuition Waivers for Non-Faculty Mount Sinai Employees

Tuition is charged for all students, including those who are employees of Mount Sinai.

An employee of Mount Sinai who wishes to take a course in the Graduate School must formally register for the course. To register for a course, a student must be either enrolled in a GSBS degree program or registered as a non-matriculant student through the Registrar’s Office.

Certain non-faculty employees of Mount Sinai are eligible for a tuition reimbursement benefit, processed through Human Resources, of up to $2,400 per calendar year. (This benefit is a reimbursement program—not a waiver.) Students who are eligible for this benefit must avail themselves of it prior to requesting any tuition waiver from the Graduate School.

Under certain circumstances, the Dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences may waive partial or full tuition for one or more courses for a Mount Sinai employee. (For example, a research technician at Mount Sinai who has an interest in pursuing a PhD at Mount Sinai may request a waiver to enroll in a PhD-level course.)

To apply for such a tuition waiver, the employee must obtain a brief written statement of support from the employee’s supervisor, as well as the signature of the Course Director. The student should then submit a written request, with these items attached, addressed to the Dean of the Graduate School, via email to The request should describe the reasons for enrolling in the course and how it fits into the student’s long-term goals for graduate training. The student also should state whether they will be receiving any other tuition reimbursement for which they are eligible. The deadline to apply for such a waiver from the Graduate School is one week prior to the start of the course.

The maximum number of credits that will be approved for a tuition waiver is 12.

Courses offered by the Master’s in Healthcare Delivery Leadership program (i.e., courses with a HCD course code), are not eligible for a tuition waiver.

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