Acceptable Use of Technology Policy

ISMMS expects that all persons who use school computing hardware, software, networking services, or any property related or ancillary to the use of these facilities will abide by the following policy statement:

School information technology resources are provided with the expectation that the school community will use them in a spirit of mutual cooperation. Resources are limited and must be shared. Everyone will benefit if users avoid activities that cause problems for others who use the same system.

Any access to or sharing of protected or confidential information must comply with Mount Sinai Health System policies, including HIPAA, the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, and the appropriate use of technology guidelines defined in this document. Remember that compliance begins by being aware whether your communication could contain protected or other confidential data and by taking the appropriate steps to secure such content. Your responsibilities within the Mount Sinai Health System extend to a variety of other forms of daily communication, including public areas, telephone use, texting, and social media technologies.

All hardware, software, and related services are supplied by the school for the sole purpose of supplementing and reinforcing the school’s educational, research, and clinical goals as set forth in the student and faculty handbooks and other mission statements of the school. These documents may be found elsewhere.

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