Independent Study

Although not a program requirement, some students may wish to conduct an independent study to explore a certain research interest or subfield. A maximum of three credits may be awarded per Independent Study. Each independent study credit requires fifteen hours of face time with the Independent Study mentor and thirty hours of non-face time. Please note that while the total hours committed to the pursuit of the Independent Study may be sufficient for more than three credits or more than one elective, students will not receive any more than three credits for one project or course of study. Each student may complete no more than two independent study projects.

An independent study must be a unique experience. Material covered during an independent study project should be highly targeted and not simply a review of the regularly offered coursework. Independent study projects should not be attempts to take CLR courses that are offered routinely during the academic year at times that are more convenient for the student. Students should not expect independent study projects to exempt them from core course requirements without approval by the Program Leadership (MSCR) or PhD Oversight Committee member (PhDCR) in conjunction with the Program Director.

Steps towards formalizing an independent study are as follows:

  • Meet with the Program Director and the faculty sponsoring your independent study to discuss your plans at least six weeks prior to the start of the independent study

  • Complete the Independent Study Proposal form, which is available on Blackboard, and submit it to the Program Manager with the appropriate signatures at least 3 weeks before the start of the independent study

  • Before beginning your independent study, register for independent study credits through the registration system

  • Once approved, complete the project/course of study

  • Complete the Independent Study Postscript Report and submit to the Program Manager with appropriate signatures no later than 3 weeks after your project has been completed

  • Request that your faculty sponsor complete the Independent Study Faculty Sponsor form and submit it to the Program Manager no later than three weeks after you complete the study

  • Review the Postscript Report and Evaluation with your faculty sponsor

  • Complete the Independent Study Student Evaluation of Faculty form no later than three weeks after the study has been completed.

Note that all required independent study forms are available in the “Forms” folder on the CLR Blackboard site.

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