Administrative Leave

The Deans of Medical Education and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences reserve the right to require at any time the withdrawal of any student when it is evident that the student is unfit for any reason to continue their program of study. The Dean or designee may place a student on an Administrative Leave of Absence if a student presents a potential harm or has engaged in or is alleged to have engaged in behavior that is dangerous or deleterious to the educational, research, clinical or community environment.

Potential harm may be caused by neurological disease or degeneration, emotional or psychological disorders, or impairment caused by drugs or alcohol. Potential harm may be described as arising from behavior regarded by individuals as alarming, threatening, bizarre, hostile, or otherwise inconsistent with the duties and responsibilities of a student; or behavior that is disruptive for administrative, research, clinical, or educational processes.

Potential harm to other individuals that occurs in the context of a student’s status within the school, as well as personal actions of students outside of the Mount Sinai community, are also a concern of ISMMS because they may indicate the existence of a potential hazard if the person continues his or her role as a student. Any such behavior reported to the senior associate dean of student affairs will be referred to the relevant promotion/academic review faculty committee for appropriate action.

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