Requirements to Graduate

The program has a structured curriculum that can be completed in 12 months full time. To fulfill the requirements for the MS degree, students are expected to complete 34 credits with a minimum grade point average of B (3.0).

The MS in Epidemiology degree must be completed within 3 years of the student's first matriculation date, including the completion of the Thesis or Manuscript.

These time limits include any time for personal or medical leave of absence.

In the Graduate Program in Public Health, benchmarks of satisfactory progress must be completed as outlined in the specific program requirements. Students who are approaching the time limit for completion will be reviewed with enough notice so that a plan is in place to enable the student to complete the requirements by the end of the time limit.

If a student does not complete their degree within the Time to Complete Degree, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the Academic Program Office to discuss their plan to complete their degree. As students approach their maximum Time to Complete Degree they will be reminded of the Length of Time to Complete Degree policy. The student will be placed on a registration hold, and required to meet with the Academic Program Office to ensure that the degree is completed by the end of their maximum Time to Complete Degree. Students who do not complete their degree within the required time frame are administratively withdrawn from the program.

Under extenuating circumstances an extension of the Maximum Time to Complete Degree may be granted by the Academic Program Office and Program Director. If a student’s appeal for an extension is denied, the student may not reapply to the program.

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