Responsibilities of Authors

Manuscripts for Publication

When submitting a manuscript for publication that includes data or ideas generated at Mount Sinai, students are expected to follow standard practices in the laboratory and/or department as well as the following Policy on Responsibilities of Authors and Data Retention.

Policy on Responsibilities of Authors

Authors should ensure that a clear designation, delineation, and acceptance of authorship responsibility has been established. For more information, please review the institution policy on Authorship.

Policy on Data Retention

All original laboratory data books or journals, etc., from which a publication is derived, must be stored in the laboratory for a minimum of six years from the date of publication. If the senior author leaves the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount School before the six-year period elapses, he/she/they will be required to retain and make available, if requested, to ISMMS all these data until the completion of this minimum time period. In the case of large ongoing database related research, the responsible investigator must retain the pertinent mass data storage device (cloud, hard drive, tape, disk, etc., not necessarily in hard copy) containing the data on which a publication is based. The stored data can be used for verification of data, as well as the base for ongoing studies of the same project. In the latter instance, however, a clarifying statement that describes the nature and the composition of the reutilized and incremental data should accompany the publication. The data storage device cannot be reused for unrelated projects. Although it is understood that this rule governing database storage may not be appropriate in all situations, individual modifications must be approved by the Dean. For additional information, please click on the "Research Administration Offices" section in the chapter on Research in the Faculty Handbook.

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