Appeals Process

Students have the right to appeal actions taken by a review committee or the Dean of the Graduate School. Refer to Figure 1 for the appeals process hierarchy.

Students may direct an appeal to the committee or person immediately above the committee/person who rendered a decision. All appeals must be made in writing with a detailed description of the basis for the appeal no more than 15 days after a decision is communicated. In reviewing appeals, the Committee for Academic Review or the Dean of the Graduate School will consider whether the decision below was arbitrary or capricious, including whether proper procedures were followed. An appeal to the Dean of Academic and Scientific Affairs may only address whether proper procedures were followed and whether the sanction is appropriate. The Dean of Academic and Scientific Affairs will accept factual findings by previous reviews.

A person hearing an appeal may choose, at his/her/their sole discretion, to convene an ad hoc committee to hear the appeal. The person/committee hearing an appeal may collect any information deemed necessary to render a decision. The student will be given an opportunity to meet with the person/committee hearing the appeal. At the conclusion of the appeal process, a written decision will be issued.

NOTE: Grade appeals do not utilize this process. Instead, grade appeals should follow the Graduate School Grade Appeals Process.

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