ISMMS Social Media Guideline

Social media are internet-based applications, which support and promote the exchange of user-developed content. Some current examples include Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, TikToK, and YouTube. Posting personal images, experiences and information on these kinds of public sites poses a set of unique challenges for all members of the Mount Sinai community, including employees, faculty, house staff, fellows, volunteers and students (collectively “Personnel”). All personnel have responsibility to the institution regardless of where or when they post something that may reflect poorly on Mount Sinai. Mount Sinai is committed to supporting students' right to interact knowledgeably and socially; however, these electronic interactions have a potential impact on patients, colleagues, Mount Sinai, and future employers’ opinions. The principal aim of this Guideline is to identify student responsibilities to Mount Sinai in relation to social media and to help students represent themselves and Mount Sinai in a responsible and professional manner. The full Guideline may be found here.

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