Electives Offered in Other Programs or at Other Institutions

Students are permitted to take any course listed in the CLR curriculum guide as an elective. Only courses listed in the curriculum guide are approved for CLR credit. Students must request approval from the Program Director prior to registering for a course outside of the CLR curriculum but within the Graduate School at ISMMS.

If a student wishes to take an elective course offered at a different institution, the student must submit a course description and a syllabus from the institution offering the elective course, together with a completed Elective Approval form to the Program Manager. Approval must be given by the Program Director prior to enrolling in the course. Please note that CLR students approved to take courses at CUNY or Cooper Union are responsible for paying the tuition and fees associated with those classes.

Upon completion of the elective course, the student should complete the Evaluation Form for Transfer of Credit and submit it to the Program Manager along with an official transcript from the institution where the course was taken. The form and transcript must be submitted in order for the elective to appear on a student’s CLR transcript. Note that all required elective approval forms are available in the “Forms” folder on the CLR Blackboard site.

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