PhDCR Timeline and Required Forms

PhDCR students should consult the table below to determine the appropriate dates and deadlines for milestones and the associated required paperwork.

MilestonesForm(s) to SubmitImportant Dates and Deadlines

Declare PhD track

By the end of year one

Form Multidisciplinary Advisory Committee


By March 31 of year two

Complete all required coursework

No form required; reference relevant PhD track checklist for required coursework specific to your track

By the end of year two

Pass Written Comprehensive

Qualifying Exam

Exam takes place in June of year two, after the student has completed the Integrative Problem Solving Course in Clinical and Translational Research sequence (CLR0012, CLR0014, and CLR0015).

The exam registration form is due by May 31 of year two. In exceptional cases, a student may be given permission to delay the exam to June of their third year.

Students who fail the qualifying exam will be given the opportunity to retake the exam in January of the following year.

Pass Written Dissertation Research Proposal and Oral Presentation

Registration form and written proposal is due by February 28 of year three, and no later than four weeks prior to presentation date. Written proposal should be uploaded to Blackboard

Oral presentation must occur by March 31 of year three. Voting form must be submitted to Blackboard within 24 hours of presentation.

A re-presentation must occur within six months of the initial presentation if the initial outcome was "Unsatisfactory;" or within four months if the outcome was "Satisfactory with Major Revisions." All completed forms should be uploaded to Blackboard.

Annual progress report

Annually, beginning in the fall of year three, through to the dissertation defense, candidates should meet with their MAC to assure that the student is making good progress and achieving the required milestones. The student and the MAC should complete the Progress Report form and upload it to Blackboard following their meeting.


Graduation Application form (will be emailed to students)

February of the year of your intended graduation

Written dissertation and defense

At least four weeks prior to the defense

To be completed and returned to the Program Manager immediately following the defense

Form should be signed after dissertation revisions have been completed, and before dissertation is deposited. Students with minor revisions must obtain the signature of MAC chair. Students with Major Revisions must obtain the signature of all MAC members.

Student checkout and dissertation deposit

Student Checkout Form

and Graduating Student Exit Survey (sent via email)

ProQuest Dissertation Deposit and Depositing Your Dissertation Guide

Checkout form and survey should be submitted prior to depositing the dissertation

Students have a maximum of three months after their defense to deposit. The dissertation must be properly formatted, according to the requirements of the Depositing Your Dissertation Guide.

Students who wish to participate in May graduation ceremonies should deposit no later than April 15. The degree will be awarded on the conferral date following the final deposit (September 30, January 31 or date of May commencement).

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