Curricular Requirements

The Master of Science in Biomedical Data Science (MBDS) program is a unique opportunity for students with a strong quantitative background to apply computational biology and data science techniques to biomedical problems. The 30-credit program includes successfully completing the following requirements:

First Year

  • Students must select one of two core courses:

    • BSR1012: Biomedical Sciences – 6 credits – Fall

    • BSR1706: Neuro Core 1 - 3 credits – Fall BSR1705: Neuro Core 2 - 3 credits - Fall

  • B1005 Computer Systems: UNIX/LINUX Fundamentals – 1 credit – Fall

  • BDS1006 Computer Systems: Architectures & Applications in Scientific Computing - 1 credit - Fall

  • BDS1006 Computer Systems: Intro to Scientific Programming in Python 3 - 1 credit - Fall

  • BSR1021 Responsible Conduct of Research - 0.5 credit – Fall

  • BSR1022 Rigor and Reproducibility – 0.5 credit – Spring

  • BDS2005 Introduction to Algorithms – 3 credits – Spring

  • BDS3002 Machine Learning for Biomedical Data Science - 3 credits - Spring

  • Electives - Students complete their credit requirements with electives

Year 2

  • BDS9001 Biomedical Data Science Capstone Project – 3-9 credits

  • Electives - Students complete their credit requirements with electives


  • Selecting a lab – During the first term, research mentors will be invited to present their research to the first year students. As a result students are encouraged to contact the research mentor to discuss joining the lab and work on a capstone project. Students are also encouraged to contact research mentors who did not present. Students are expected to join a lab by the end of the first term.

  • Research Agreement Form – Once a student and a research mentor has agreed on joining a lab, students will need to submit the Research Agreement Form.

  • Capstone Document – Students will submit a written document for their capstone project to the program Co-Directors 1 week prior to the capstone presentation

  • Capstone Presentation – Students will present their capstone project to the MSBDS Co-Directors during their last term before graduating. The members required for attendance will be the MSBDS Co-Directors and the research mentor.

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