Withdrawal and Readmission

Voluntary Withdrawal: A student may voluntarily withdraw from school at any time, upon application to the Director of the MD/PhD program (for MD/PhD students) or the Graduate School’s Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs (for PhD, Master’s students). The request must be made by submitting a Request for Withdrawal Form. The School may require an Administrative Evaluation prior to acceptance of a withdrawal. Failure to comply may result in dismissal. For further information on withdrawing from a specific program, refer to the program-specific chapter of this handbook.

Administrative Withdrawal: In certain circumstances, a student may be administratively withdrawn from the school at the discretion of the Dean or their designees. Examples include a student who has exceeded two years on medical or personal leave or a student who fails to meet satisfactory progress. Other reasons include noncompliance with an institutional, programmatic, and/or administrative requirement or policy. Students who have been administratively withdrawn from a program have the option to appeal the decision.

Clearance: Clearance to withdraw is required. Students must submit the Request for Withdrawal Form.

Readmission: Students who wish to reapply to a program following any type of withdrawal can do so by adhering to the same application protocols outlined by the admissions office for all applicants.

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