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The Master of Science in Biomedical Data Science (MSBDS) program at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai integrates training and education in various aspects of biomedical sciences with machine learning, computer systems, and big data analysis, as well as access to large electronic medical record- linked biomedical repositories. Housed within the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, our program offers a unique opportunity for students with a strong quantitative background to hone the skills necessary to enrich—and ultimately to lead—the biomedical workforce of tomorrow.

Our curriculum provides rigorous training in both biomedical sciences, through an intensive semester- long core course, and quantitative data analysis, through innovative required and elective courses. The 30-credit MBDS program consists of two core options (Biomedical Sciences or Systems Neuroscience & Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience ), five required additional courses, two mandatory training sessions in research conduct and rigor, electives, and a capstone research project. Electives can include choices in our exciting biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum. Our goal is to motivate students to devise innovative approaches to challenging biomedical problems in order to revolutionize personalized medicine and healthcare.

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