Core Curriculum

All students must complete one of the core curriculum courses below. Only the Fall term core courses are required.

  1. Biomedical Sciences (BMS) Core

    • Fall Semester: BSR1012 Biomedical Sciences Fall (6 credits)

2. Neuroscience Core

  • Fall Semester BSR1706 Neuro Core 1: Systems Neuroscience (3 credits) Fall Semester BSR1705 Neuro Core 2: Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience (3 credits)

Other Required Coursework

  • Computer Systems: The computer systems course is split into 3 separate 1 credit courses. The courses are offered in a specific sequence during the fall term. Each course will be graded separately.

    • BDS1005 Computer Systems: UNIX/LINUX Fundamentals (1 credit)

    • BDS1006 Computer Systems: Architectures & Applications in Scientific Computing (1 credit)

    • BDS1007 Computer Systems: Introduction to Scientific Programming in Python 3 (1 credit)

  • BDS2005 Introduction to Algorithms: It is highly recommended students take the Introduction to Scientific Programming in Python 3 before taking this course

  • BDS3002 Machine Learning for Biomedical Data Science (3 credits)

Mandatory Training Sessions

Students must take the following two additional mandatory training requisites:

  • BSR1021 Responsible Conduct of Research - 0.5 credit

  • BSR1022 Rigor and Reproducibility - 0 .5 credit

Elective Credits

  • Students must take 2.5 - 5 elective credits in order to do complementary coursework in areas of greatest interest to them.

Capstone Research Project

For their capstone research project, students take 3 to 9 credits and may choose from one of the following biomedical data science research areas:

  • computational genomics

  • computational biophysics

  • systems pharmacology

  • biomedical engineering

  • imaging and visualization

  • biostatistics

  • clinical epidemiology

  • clinical trials

  • environmental medicine

  • public health

  • health systems design

  • health information technology

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