Fire Safety

One of the most serious issues facing the Mount Sinai Hospital students, employees, and patients is the threat of fire. The risk is increased because work conducted in clinical, research and other laboratories may involve flammable liquids and other hazardous substances. In addition, the use of specialized equipment such as lasers and other ignition sources utilized in oxygen-enriched atmospheres increases the threat of fire. This threat is far more critical in patient care areas since patients are often incapable of self- preservation. It is critical to student safety as well as patient well-being that students know what to do in the event of an actual fire. This knowledge is imparted through participation in fire drills and fire safety training in-services.

The ISMMS Intranet,, under Core Administrative Services and Fire Safety Tabs, includes a link to the MSMC video entitled “CODE RED”. Students should take the time to view this important informational video and participate in local fire drills.

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