Work-Study Positions

Periodically, the Graduate School or one of its programs may have part-time positions available for students who wish to assist with research or administrative work. Such opportunities are typically advertised to students through email announcement.

For such a position, an applicant must be a current student enrolled in a Mount Sinai program that does not pay direct compensation as a part of the program’s funding package. (Students in compensation-bearing programs are typically not eligible for such positions.) Students seeking such positions may not be otherwise employed by Mount Sinai in a non-student position.

In many cases, such positions may be funded by the Federal Work Study (FWS) program. Students must verify eligibility for FWS positions through the Office of Student Financial Services.

Students receiving financial aid should consult with the Office of Student Financial Services before accepting any campus job, to determine whether doing so will affect aid.

International students should consult with the Office of International Personnel to confirm eligibility and possible impact on visa status prior to accepting any type of employment.

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