Core Curriculum: All students must complete a core curriculum. Core curricula are typically 4-6 credits each semester. Students can select one of the following core curricula. Please note that these are the core courses as of the writing of this document, but they are subject to change on occasion.

  • Biomedical Sciences (BMS) Core

    • Fall Semester: BSR1012 Biomedical Sciences Core 1 (6 credits)

    • Spring Semester: BSR1013 Biomedical Sciences Core 2 (6 credits)

  • Neuroscience Core

    • Fall Semester

      • BSR1706 Neuro Core 1: Systems Neuroscience (3 credits)

      • BSR1705 Neuro Core 2: Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience (3 credits)

    • Spring Semester

      • BSR1707 Neuro Core 3: Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience (3 credits)

Other Required Coursework

  • Fall Semester

    • MPH0300 Biostatistics for the Biomedical Research (3 credits)

    • BSR1021 Responsible Conduct of Research (0.5 credits)

  • Spring Semester

    • BSR1022Rigor and Reproducibility (0.5 credits)

BSR8002 - BSR8005 Independent Research: MS Biomedical Science: Students should register for Independent Biomedical Sciences Master’s Research. Students receive 8 credits for the research performed during their first year of study (4 credits for each semester). Credits appear on the spring semester transcript. These credits are graded on a scale of A through F. The grade is derived from a combination of an assessment from the thesis advisor (50%) and a year-end research progress report (50%). The year-end research progress report is in the form of a brief (20 minute) PowerPoint talk to be presented at an end of the year Laboratory Presentations mini-symposium. Prior to the presentation, students should fill out the Masters in Biomedical Sciences Laboratory Research Evaluation form with their thesis advisor and complete it by 2 weeks after the presentations. This form determines the grade for research credits in the first year.

Electives: Students complete their credit requirements with electives. Typically, during the first year, student do not take electives in the first semester and are limited to a small number of elective credits in the spring semester, depending on their individual schedules. The bulk of the elective credits are taken during the second year. Elective credits may be satisfied with:

  • Courses from any of the PhD multi-disciplinary training areas, including seminars and journal clubs

  • Selected courses from MD program, subject to space availability and by permission of the MSBS Program Director. All medical school courses are graded P/F.

  • Course from the MPH or MS in Clinical Research programs. Requires permission of the relevant course directors.

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