Student Intellectual Property

The Mount Sinai Health System (“MSHS”) engages in basic and applied research for the purpose of advancing healthcare and wellbeing, to further understanding of the mechanisms of disease, and to improve the diagnosis, prevention, prognosis, and treatment of disease. MSHS encourages members of its community to publish, disclose, and discuss the results of such research to serve the public interest and advance knowledge in their respective fields. Prompt and open dissemination of research findings is essential to the fulfillment of the MSHS's commitment to excellence in education, research, and patient care.

If intellectual property is developed by an employee of Mount Sinai or invented at Mount Sinai facilities under the supervision of Mount Sinai personnel, the intellectual property is owned by Mount Sinai. Each inventor must assign his or her rights in the intellectual property to Mount Sinai. This includes all faculty, staff, fellows, trainees, post-docs, and graduate students who have an appointment at Mount Sinai. Please review Mount Sinai’s IP policy for more information.

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