Student Mental Health Services

All correspondence with this office is completely confidential; there is no correspondence with the school by this office whatsoever — unless specifically requested and formally endorsed in writing by the student. No record of any contact is made available to or accessible to the school.

Rapid access to strictly confidential psychiatric consultation, counseling, treatment, and referral is available to students through the student mental health service. The Student and Trainee Mental Health Program (STMH) through the Department of Psychiatry provides initial consultations, ongoing psychotherapy, and medication management for those graduate students in need of mental health services. The student’s insurance will be billed for all services and the student will not be responsible for any copay. To make an appointment for an initial consultation, you can either write to the STMH email account ( or call the program at 212-659-8805.

Please see the STMH website for more information about the program.

Emergency psychiatric services can be initiated by contacting the psychiatrist on-call through the page operator (212) 241- 5581, by calling the Psychiatric Emergency Service at 212-241-5637, or by direct unscheduled presentation to the emergency room where it is never necessary to call in advance. STMH has also partnered with WellConnect to establish a dedicated 24/7 mental health support and crisis hotline number for our students and trainees. This hotline connects you to trained behavioral health counselors who use evidence-based policies and practices – the number is 212-241-2400 or 1-866-640-4777 (school code: ICAHN). Please see the STMH website for more information.

Student access to counseling and mental health services is a private health matter of the utmost importance. The rule of complete confidentiality always applies, as in any relationship between a therapist and patient. No person or office is notified or informed at any point that a student (or dependent) has seen or is seeing a counselor or psychiatrist through the Student and Trainee Mental Health Program. Student use of the service is not made known to the school and is never recorded on any transcript.

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