Thesis Proposal

Successful passage of the Thesis Proposal should be completed by the end of the fourth semester (June 30th) for PhD students, and by the end of the first year in the PhD-phase (June 30th) for MD/PhD students. To schedule the Thesis Proposal (or re-examination), the student should check the proposed date and time with the Examination Committee members before submitting the Thesis Proposal Registration Form. The student needs to submit the Registration Form, with the appropriate signatures, to the Graduate School for approval, at least 4 weeks before the scheduled dates of these Examinations. Failure to register in a timely manner may result in the cancellation of the Examination. If a student does not register for an Examination that is conducted, the Graduate School reserves the right to require a re-examination or to require a notarized statement from the student and the Examination Committee certifying the number of times the student has been examined. The Chair of the Examination Committee complete the Thesis proposal voting form at the completion of the examination. If the Committee determines that a re-examination must occur, or that revisions must be made to the Thesis Proposal, the details, including a deadline within the allowable time, must be communicated to the student, in writing.

No extensions will be granted except under extenuating circumstances. Requests for extensions of established Examination deadlines should be made at least one month prior to that deadline. Request for an extension should be made by completing the Thesis Proposal - Request for Extension form and turning it in to the Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs; final decision are made by the Dean of the Graduate School. Students who fail to meet the Examination deadlines will be placed on academic probation.

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