Program Competencies

To help you develop effective management skills in health care delivery, our program will cultivate your competencies in three areas:

Technical and Substantive Knowledge

  • Analyze economic data and financial information for strategic decision-making, understand market influences, and create organizational efficiencies and cost savings

  • Apply operations management tools and practices to optimize performance, including the lean and other process improvement methodologies

  • Leverage information systems and technologies to improve patient-centered health care delivery

  • Master the tenets of human resource management

  • Understand the content and implications of the Affordable Care Act, the nature of the regulatory system, and the intricacies of medical reimbursement and payment systems

  • Identify social and behavioral factors of public health, and craft methodologies for successful public health interventions

Conceptual Reasoning

  • Understand and develop rationales, theories, and models of health care policymaking

  • Develop effective strategic thinking, planning, and implementation skills

  • Build skills to foster innovation, including psychology, processes, and implementation

  • Enhance knowledge of effective communications strategies and principles

  • Develop a firm grasp on policy perspectives and context about health care delivery issues

  • Improve problem-solving skills, while balancing financial, legal, and medical considerations

Skills Development

  • Learn to build teams and manage decision-making

  • Expand and improve leadership skills for projects, initiatives, and teams

  • Handle and manage conflicts at every level of the organization

  • Improve your ability to serve diverse populations and cultures

  • Recognize, analyze, and address ethical issues concerning health care delivery

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