Master’s Degree Programs and PhD in Clinical Research

Tuition Rates

With the exception of the MS in Genetic Counseling, these programs charge for tuition on a per-credit-hour basis at the current published rate. The MS in Genetic Counseling program charges a flat tuition rate for the program.

Tuition Refunds Upon Withdrawal from a Course or Program

Students who withdraw from a course and/or from the program after the end of the drop-add registration period will receive a tuition refund based on the institutional tuition refund schedule. Tuition refunds will be calculated based on the date that the Registrar’s Office approves the course withdrawal, leave of absence request, or program withdrawal request. Retroactive requests are not permissible.

Note that dropping course registration may result in an enrollment status change from full-time to part-time. Students may not withdraw from a course after 2/3 of the course is complete. Changing the enrollment status or the number of registered credit hours in a program may have significant academic, immigration, and/or financial consequences. It is recommended that students consult the Office of Student Financial Services and their program advisor before making any changes to their schedule. International students are required to meet with the Office of International Personnel prior to making any enrollment changes. International students risk their F-1 Visa status if not fully compliant with their full-time enrollment requirement while at ISMMS.

For students receiving federal financial aid, the percentage of the period completed, based on class days, will be calculated. The federal government mandates that students who withdraw may only keep the financial aid they have ‘earned’ up until the time of withdrawal. Title IV funds in excess of this amount must be returned by ISMMS and/or the student to the federal government.

No tuition refunds will be granted to students who have been academically and/or administratively dismissed or suspended from the institution.

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