Relocation of Research Mentor

Following are guidelines applicable only to students whose research mentor relocates to another institution:

  • Students who have successfully completed their thesis proposal with a given research mentor, who subsequently relocates to another institution, will be permitted to pursue their graduate research offsite at their mentor’s new institution.

  • If the student chooses to join his/her/their research mentor at the new institution to continue his/her/their thesis research project as an ISMMS student, the student will continue to be a ISMMS matriculated student and will continue to receive student benefits (access to library, housing, health insurance). Any publications resulting from the student’s research regardless of whether the work was performed at ISMMS or not, should list ISMMS as the institutional affiliation of the student.

  • If the student has not passed his/her/their thesis proposal exam, the student will be required join a new lab and remain at ISMMS. A student may petition the Dean of the Graduate School to waive this requirement and under exceptional circumstances, this request may be approved.

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